Miscellaneous Files

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Here you will find a collection of topics and files which no particular relation to each other, except that they don't fit well in other sections.


I have had a lifelong interest in philosophy and politics. This page expresses some of my views in concise, if not profound, aphorisms and observations. 

Lyapunov Space

This interesting side trip in chaos theory provides visually appealing images. A high performance assembler language program for generating some of the well-known images is provided.


Several unique 6502 related downloadable files are available from these pages. KIMATH, which was one of the first floating point packages published for a microprocessor has been put in electronic form. This package contains the complete KIMATH text and the library source code. A Windows application which simulates the 6502 with a KIM-1 like interface is also available. You will also find a full featured and well documented assembler and miscellaneous programmer's tools. A source code version of PAICs BASIC Programmer's Toolkit was recently added.


Here you will find a few computer games which may be worth a look. Included are a version of Star Trek which draws on the very early text-only versions of the game. Also included are a version of Breakout, Conway's game of Life and a maze game.


There are a number of original algorithms and scientific/mathematical/engineering/programming methods disclosed on this website. Some of them have been documented in papers accessible here. Also in that section are a few reference documents which may be of interest to students and researchers.

URC MX-3000

The MX-3000 is an advanced, touch screen, universal controller intended for use in home theater systems. Some support materials for this device are available on this page, which is currently under construction.