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In this section of the web site, I have posted material which is related to music -- especially jazz. Using the above links you can find Acrobat files for printing out score paper of various kinds, a series of notes on advanced advanced jazz topics for piano students and teachers, and a few transcriptions of jazz solos. Click on the links below, or use the navigation bar above to access these pages.

Score Paper

On this page you will find Acrobat files for printing out score paper for various applications. Most of the files are for arranging/scoring big bands, but piano score paper is also provided.

Jazz Notes

Jazz notes are short tutorial papers illustrating specific topics in jazz improvisation. No attempt is made to form a complete jazz method, but each topic can be used to supplement existing jazz studies. The aim is to facilitate the performers transition from theory to practice.


Transcriptions of several recorded performances by major jazz musicians can be found on this page.

It is generally accepted that listening to the best performers is the key to jazz mastery. But listening isn't quite everything. All jazz lovers are good listeners in a limited sense. For a performer, the listening must somehow translate into doing. Learning harmony is an important step in understanding what you hear. Practicing jazz lines and exercises are important for mastery over the instrument.

An obvious aid to mastery of jazz idioms is to analyze transcriptions of jazz performances. This can help develop an understanding of the relation between the tone sequences and the underlying harmony. Different jazz styles and idioms are possible, suggesting that different tone sequences produce different effects. The study of transcriptions can help an individual performer to perfect a consistent style.

Piano Arrangements

This page contains short piano arrangements of selected standards and jazz tunes. They represent a variety of piano styles.


Here are a few re-arrangements of classic works in the form of paraphrases.