Music Score Paper

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Score Paper

Here you will find a set of Acrobat (*.pdf) files which will print out music score paper on your printer. Paper size is set for 8.5x11 in. for landscape or portrait mode scores.  Click the link to download the file.

score1l.gif (4707 bytes)

Jazz/Dance Band Orchestral Sketch Paper, Concert Key

(Click image for larger view.)


This score paper offers a convenient means of sketching a big band arrangement before committing the details to individual instruments or a full score. It is intended for early concept scoring in concert key. Typically the trumpets would be scored in the treble clef of the "Brass" staff and the trombones in the bass clef.

The above score paper prints in landscape mode. A version using portrait orientation can be downloaded here.

score2l.gif (4566 bytes)

Jazz/Dance Band Orchestral Sketch Paper (with Strings), Concert Key

(Click image for larger view.)


This sketch paper is for a full orchestra which includes strings. The strings can initially be allocated as convenient in the bass and treble clefs and later written in the appropriate staves for the full score.

A portrait mode version can be downloaded here.


score3l.gif (5110 bytes)

Jazz/Dance Band Score Paper

(Click image for larger view.)


This score paper includes staves for a band consisting of 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass and drums. If 5 trumpets or trombones are scored, two of them can be combined in the 4th trumpet or trombone staff.  This score paper is intended for use with each instrument written in its transposed key to facilitate copying individual parts, as is the common practice.

Here is the portrait mode version.

score4p.gif (4422 bytes)

Piano Score Paper


This paper is ideally suited for writing piano scores.