F2C for Borland Compilers

The formidable task of converting FORTRAN software to C can be managed automatically by using a FORTRAN to C translator program. Fortunately, ATT Bell Labs researchers have created such a program in 'f2c'. Unfortunately, the strategy used to perform the translation requires compiler-specific libraries to provide support for those FORTRAN functions which are not provided by C.

After searching the Internet unsuccessfully for a version of f2c which supported Borland compilers, I finally decided to create my own port.  Note that this port is for the Intel 32-bit flat model. The package includes the f2c translator, the 32-bit Borland compatible library, f2c documentation, and a simple test program.

Using this port of f2c, it is possible to convert many of the FORTRAN programs and packages available from netlib to C and produce executable versions with the Borland 32-bit compiler/linker.