Simple DOS/Windows Games


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From time to time I plan to add a game to this section. None of the games will be of commercial quality, but they may have some entertainment value.

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CB Trek

Here's a screen shot of a simple version of the old Star Trek game. The screen shows the Enterprise with two Klingon ships and a Star Base. As with the early game, your job is to destroy Klingons and find Star Bases for refueling when needed. No help file is available, and if you can't figure out how to run it, it probably isn't worth the trouble. Sound effects are included and you can download it here. (Hint: when you start the game, the galactic map is displayed. Click Visual to see the players.)

Conway's Game of Life: Interactive

Screen Shot of Bi-Gun (Glider Gun)

This Windows version of Conway's wonderful invention is far less sophisticated than some other versions available on the web, but was motivated by a desire to interact with a running simulation. The relatively small playboard can be activated after toggling cells or loading patterns. Cells can be changed or patterns dropped on the display at any time, whether the simulation is in Run or Pause mode. A set of patterns with interesting properties has been included. No help file is provided (or needed), but a text file with user notes is also included.

DOS Games (may require a DOS simulator for later versions of Windows)

Breakout: DOS version of the Arcade Game


        Screen Shots of Breakout Game (Beginner and Advanced Versions)

Here is a simple DOS version of the arcade classic: BREAKOUT The beginners version offers smooth, relaxed action and unlimited balls. It's particularly suitable for young kids who can be frustrated by the complexity of the more elaborate games. The more advanced version for seasoned players has much faster play action and counts the number of balls used as well as the number of bricks. There are 80 bricks and the object is to clear them with the least number of balls..

Maze Tag: DOS Video Game


    Screen Shots of Maze Tag (Beginner and Advanced Versions)

Here is a simple DOS maze game which traps you, the player (white square), in a maze with a Relentless Red Roamer. No escape is possible until you have traversed the entire maze using the arrow keys, at which time an escape door will appear. Your progress is tracked by the green dots, which disappear as you roll over them. If you become trapped, and the Rover touches you -- it's all over! Two versions are available as player options -- the simpler one is shown in the left screen shot above, the more advanced version is on the right. Mazes are unique at each run, so you can't depend on previous evasion strategies to help.