MR/GMR Heads and Transducers

It is important to be able to determine the behavior of MR/GMR transducers in the presence of magnetic fields. This requires that the geometries and material properties of the MR/GMR device be known with reasonable accuracy, and that the fields to which they are exposed can be specified.

Screen Shot of Biased MR Sensor with Media Field Control

The screen shot above shows the state of a particular MR sensor in the presence of a particular media field. Notice that the sensor analyzer displays a flux direction field for the transducer as well as density plot of the resistance values across the device. A slider controls the magnitude of the media field along the lower edge of the transducer. This demo application is available here. Particularly noteworthy is the speed of calculation. Field magnitudes and directions, resistance values, and contours are all calculated immediately with each movement of the slider.