Linear Algebra Methods and Software


"computer techniques and methods"


This section contains links to a variety of linear algebra methods and solvers. Some of the software is ported to C or C++ from other languages and some is unique or unavailable elsewhere.


The contents of some of the navigation subsections above are:


C Ports from Linpack

There is also a header file available. These C programs are functional equivalents to some of the double precision FORTRAN versions. The intent was to port the original code rather than rewrite it, so there are weaknesses including extensive use of the now-disparaged 'goto's. The manual is copyrighted, so you'll have to find it using an internet search. Then grab your trusty Linpack manual for documentation and you're on your way. Note that Linpack relies on the BLAS for low level vector operations. In this port, the equivalent code is inserted directly into each routine. 

C Ports from Handbook for Automatic Computation

These are ports from Algol to C. The differences in the languages are such that it is much easier to port from Algol to C than from FORTRAN to C. As above, the documentation is copyrighted and use of these ports requires the 'Handbook'.

Original C++ Code for Linear Systems

Assembler Language (Tasm32) Linear Solvers

Here is a set of Gaussian elimination routines for float, double and long double numeric types. A header file for these routines is here.